About DNA

The Downtown Neighbourhood Alliance of Neighbourhood Associations (DNA) is a not-for-profit, volunteer organization that incorporates several neighbourhoods in and around downtown Kitchener, Ontario. Since 2005, the Downtown Neighbourhood Alliance has been committed to coordinating community programs at the Downtown Community Centre in Kitchener, and acts as a forum for common issues for these neighbourhoods.

Central Frederick in & around Frederick Street

Cedar Hill Community overlooking downtown

Olde Berlin Town near the Centre in the Square

Victoria Park encircling Victoria Park

Auditorium close to the Kitchener Aud.

King East nearby the Kitchener Market

Mt. Hope on the West side of downtown

The DNA is governed by its DNA CONSTITUTION- revised Apr 19, 2008. The motto “bringing people together in the heart of the city” is focal point for DNA.   The Vision and Aims of the Downtown Neighbourhood Alliance was developed through a series of meetings.

Meetings The Board of Directors usually meets on the fourth Wednesday in the months of August, October, January, March and April.  The annual meeting is held in May.

Communications The DNA Bulletin is published seasonally – Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. Copies are distributed to schools in the downtown catchment area and other central locations.  Affiliated Neighbourhood Associations publish the information on their facebooks, newsletters or websites.

Volunteers The DNA depends on volunteer involvement in all levels of the organization and within all appropriate programs and activities including board and committee members, administration and direct services.  Volunteers perform a task without compensation or expectation of compensation.  Volunteers assist in meeting the DNA’s aims and objectives in the belief that their activity is beneficial to others as well as gaining personal satisfaction.

Board Membership The Board is comprised of representatives of Neighbourhood Associations that are affiliated with the City of Kitchener and that are located in and around the downtown area of the City of Kitchener; and up to three Members-at-Large.  

Board Members

Donna Kuehl

Rosemary Coleman  

Melissa Bowman

Patrick Gilbridge

Christiaan Vandergrift

Anne Michelle Doran


Here is a MAP of downtown neighbourhoods in Kitchener.